I am passionate about working with the special needs community. In 2013, while serving in AmeriCorps, I started a part-time respite position working with a teenager with Autism on weekends and evenings. While Megan’s Place did not yet exist when I started working with him, he is now served through us and I have the privilege of working with him to this day. After my term of service with AmeriCorps, I decided I wanted to work in the special needs field full time. I became a Resource Coordinator for Children’s Medicaid Waivers at the Developmental Disabilities Resource Center (DDRC) and eventually learned both Children’s and Adult’s Waivers. While I was a Case Manager, I worked part time at Megan’s Place and became very attached to the kids we serve. Last year, I joined Megan’s Place full time as the Director of Teen/Adult Services and have used my knowledge of the Adult Waiver system to allow Megan’s Place families to continue services with us after turning 18. I am excited to see how fast our Adult Program has grown in less than a year and am so happy we can now serve people through age 25! If your child is not yet in our Teen and Adult Program, I am still looking forward to connecting with you as the Medical Needs Coordinator to ensure your child has everything in place for taking medications or G-Tube feedings while at Megan’s Place.