Kristin - Director of Operations at Megan's Place, LLC.When I was growing up, I was never quite sure what I wanted to be – but I knew I wanted to work with kids. The medical field didn’t quite suit me, but I I found teaching to be my true passion, and have been teaching nor for over 10 years. When I met Bryan and heard his story about working with kids with special needs, I began to share his vision of a place where families could bring their children to be well cared for to have an amazing time with their peers. When the opportunity arose to buy a building and start our own respite care center, I jumped. I have found that I love working with the families and listening to the stories that some of our moms and dads share about their amazing kids. I love trying to determine what kids interests are and plan activities and outings to meet their needs and spark their interest. I hope to continue serving kids with special needs and their families for decades to come. In 2013, our daughter, Delaney, was born, and she has taught me what love and compassion truly are. Being a mother has prepared me for my role at Megan’s Place in ways I never could have expected. Some day, I hope to travel throughout Europe with my family and have time to read historical novels – but in the mean time, I love what I do and I am glad to work with such amazing people.