Respite Care In Your Home

Megan’s Place can now offer Respite Care in the family’s home for clients with the CES waiver.  Megan’s Place is willing to hire current family caregivers or someone you know who is already willing to be hired as a caregiver.  Please note that we do not have current staff available for this service – we can only hire someone the family has identified.  Please keep in mind that the caregiver will need certain training and endorsements which may take a few weeks to complete and in-home caregivers will be limited to what medical procedures and hands-on care that they are permitted to do.  Megan’s Place can ONLY bill Respite care under the CES waiver.  Families will need to meet with the caregiver and Megan’s Place director to see if their child qualifies.  If in-home care is scheduled and the caregiver determines that the level of care required is beyond our current license and permissions, Megan’s Place may have to terminate in-home care for the client.

If you are interested in in-home care, please complete the Initial Application. Director of Megan’s Place will follow up with you if your child meets our criteria for in-home care.  We look forward to working with your family.