Bryan and Kristin have been amazing! My son has been going there since September of 2014 and he loves it!

Rossa H.


“Bryan and Kristin have been providing EXCELLENT and much needed respite services for my daughter, Rachel. Rachel has gone blind, has seizures and is losing the abilities to walk, talk, eat, think and remember. Aside from my Mom’s house, this is the ONLY place Rachel ever wants to go. They take great care of her, think of fun activities and can handle everything that comes with Rachel and her disease . I’m so grateful to give myself and 3 kids a break and give Rachel a break from us! Thank you Megan’s Place!!!!

♥ The BEST!

We just finished our first week at Megan’s Place, LLC, and we LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! My son hasn’t been in daycare since he was about 3 yrs old. I was thinking I would be really worried and he would tantrum when I left. Well…. I had perfect peace about leaving him there and he didn’t protest at all, in fact he pushed me out the door!! I love the fact Kristin and Bryan go to the park and go on other outings! They really take the time and effort to get to know what my son likes.”

Shannon Zimmerman (parent), July 26, 2014

LOVE it!!

What a wonderful time my kiddos had with Bryan tonight at sibling night! It’s soooo nice to have a clean, safe, and reliable place to bring your kiddos with special needs and their siblings to have a great time. We as parents were able to go to the mall TOGETHER and both go into the stores at the SAME time! It’s the little things right! My kids had a great time doing puzzles, painting, playing the piano, dancing, hanging out and just having fun! We are sooo grateful for Megan’s Place and my kiddos can’t wait to go back!!!”

– Jessica G