Megan’s Place is named after Megan Rogers, the daughter of Matt and Debra Rogers of Windsor, Colorado. Megan was born with Rett Syndrome, an ‘X’ chromosome disorder affecting approximately 1 in 50,000 girls. This left her without the ability to walk or talk and she had no self-help skills. However, in spite of her many challenges in life, she had a calm and sweet nature that made a profound impact on all who knew her.

Her inability to help herself created a strong bond of love and friendship amongst her family and friends and caregivers that left a life-long impression on their lives. Bryan Smock was one of Megan’s caregivers and she very quickly endeared herself to him. She loved, trusted and challenged him. She had the ability to bring out the best in people and help them to see what is most important in life. Her parents called her their ‘True North.’

Megan passed away peacefully in 2006 at the age of 10, but her amazing spirit lives on in her family and friends. As her parents, we are humbled and honored that Bryan and Kristin Smock have named their facility after her.” ~ Matt & Debra Rogers

In loving memory of Megan, August 22, 1995 – April 19, 2006