About Us

We believe that all children are a gift and have a special purpose in life. Some children have developmental disabilities that cannot be met by many of the other programs available. We have focused our passion, resources, and training on loving children with unique needs.

We understand that having a child with unique requirements can sometimes be overwhelming. Megan’s Place is a much needed facility in the Denver area where your child will have an amazing and memorable experience each time they visit. It is a place where parents and caretakers can feel confident in the care and attention their child will get from trained professionals. We give caregivers and families an opportunity to rejuvenate, run errands, have jobs, and sometimes focus on themselves and other family members.

Who We Are

Megan’s Place was founded in 2014 by Bryan and Kristin Smock. Bryan spent several years working for a respite care facility that had a profound influence on his life.

After working as a Special Education and Math teacher for several years, Bryan and his wife Kristin, also a teacher, decided to open a facility with children and their families in mind. While the Smocks loved teaching and working with children, as new parents, they wanted to do something that would benefit children and their families while filling a much-needed void in the Denver area. The Smocks have a passion for children and a desire to do something that will make a difference in the lives of children and their families.

What We Do

Provide care for children with physical and developmental disabilities ages 3-18. We offer care after school, evenings, and weekends. We provide summer programs with a variety of activities and field trips.